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Module FilePath

module FilePath: sig .. end
Operations on abstract filenames.

This module allow to manipulate string or abstract representation of a filename.

Abstract representation of a filename allow to decode it only once, and should speed up further operation on it (comparison in particular). If you intend to do a lot of processing on filename, you should consider using its abstract representation.

This module manipulate abstract path that are not bound to a real filesystem. In particular, it makes the assumption that there is no symbolic link that should modify the meaning of a path. If you intend to use this module against a real set of filename, the best solution is to apply to every filename to solve symbolic link through FileUtil.readlink.
Author(s): Sylvain Le Gall

type filename = string 
Filename type.
type extension = string 
Extension type.

Exceptions and types

exception BaseFilenameRelative of filename
Cannot pass a base filename which is relative.
exception UnrecognizedOS of string
We do not have recognized any OS, please contact upstream.
exception EmptyFilename
The filename use was empty.
exception NoExtension of filename
The last component of the filename does not support extension (Root, ParentDir...)
exception InvalidFilename of filename
The filename used is invalid.


val is_subdir : filename -> filename -> bool
is_subdir fl1 fl2 Is fl2 a sub directory of fl1
val is_updir : filename -> filename -> bool
is_updir fl1 fl2 Is fl1 a sub directory of fl2
val compare : filename -> filename -> int
compare fl1 fl2 Give an order between the two filename. The classification is done by sub directory relation, fl1 < fl2 iff fl1 is a subdirectory of fl2, and lexicographical order of each part of the reduce filename when fl1 and fl2 has no hierarchical relation

Standard operations

val current_dir : filename
Current dir.
val parent_dir : filename
Upper dir.
val make_filename : string list -> filename
Make a filename from a set of strings.
val basename : filename -> filename
Extract only the file name of a filename.
val dirname : filename -> filename
Extract the directory name of a filename.
val concat : filename -> filename -> filename
Append a filename to a filename.
val reduce : ?no_symlink:bool -> filename -> filename
Return the shortest filename which is equal to the filename given. It remove the "." in Unix filename, for example. If no_symlink flag is set, consider that the path doesn't contain symlink and in this case ".." for Unix filename are also reduced.
val make_absolute : filename -> filename -> filename
Create an absolute filename from a filename relative and an absolute base filename.
val make_relative : filename -> filename -> filename
Create a filename which is relative to the base filename.
val reparent : filename ->
filename -> filename -> filename
reparent fln_src fln_dst fln Return the same filename as fln but the root is no more fln_src but fln_dst. It replaces the fln_src prefix by fln_dst.
val identity : filename -> filename
Identity for testing the stability of implode/explode.
val is_valid : filename -> bool
Test if the filename is a valid one.
val is_relative : filename -> bool
Check if the filename is relative to a dir or not.
val is_current : filename -> bool
Check if the filename is the current directory.
val is_parent : filename -> bool
Check if the filename is the parent directory.


Extension is define as the suffix of a filename, just after the last ".".
val chop_extension : filename -> filename
Remove extension and the trailing ".".
val get_extension : filename -> extension
Extract the extension.
val check_extension : filename -> extension -> bool
Check the extension.
val add_extension : filename -> extension -> filename
Add an extension with a "." before.
val replace_extension : filename -> extension -> filename
Replace extension.

PATH-like operation

PATH-like refers the environment variable PATH. This variable holds a list of filename. The functions string_of_path and path_of_string allow to convert this kind of list by using the good separator between filename.
val string_of_path : filename list -> string
Create a PATH-like string.
val path_of_string : string -> filename list
Extract filenames from a PATH-like string.

Filename specifications

Definition of operations for path manipulation.
module type PATH_SPECIFICATION = sig .. end
Generic operations.
module type PATH_STRING_SPECIFICATION = sig .. end
Generic operations, with type filename and extension as strings.

Operations on filenames for other OS. The FilePath.DefaultPath always match the current OS.
Default operating system.
Unix operating system.
MacOS operating system.
Win32 operating system.
Cygwin operating system.