Index of values

add_extension [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
add_extension [FilePath]
Add an extension with a "." before.

basename [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
basename [FilePath]
Extract only the file name of a filename.
byte_of_size [FileUtil]
Convert size to bytes.

check_extension [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
check_extension [FilePath]
Check the extension.
chmod [FileUtil]
Change permissions of files.
chop_extension [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
chop_extension [FilePath]
Remove extension and the trailing ".".
cmp [FileUtil]
cmp skip1 fln1 skip2 fln2 Compare files fln1 and fln2 starting at pos skip1 skip2 and returning the first octect where a difference occurs.
compare [FilePath]
compare fl1 fl2 Give an order between the two filename.
concat [FilePath]
Append a filename to a filename.
cp [FileUtil]
Copy the hierarchy of files/directory to another destination.
current_dir [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
current_dir [FilePath]
Current dir.

dirname [FilePath]
Extract the directory name of a filename.
du [FileUtil]
du fln_lst Return the amount of space of all the file which are subdir of fln_lst.

extension_of_string [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
Create an extension from a string.

filename_of_string [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
Create a string from a filename.
filter [FileUtil]
Apply a filtering pattern to a filename.
find [FileUtilStr]
find [FileUtil]
find ~follow:fol tst fln exec accu Descend the directory tree starting from the given filename and using the test provided.

get_extension [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
get_extension [FilePath]
Extract the extension.

identity [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
identity [FilePath]
Identity for testing the stability of implode/explode.
int_of_permission [FileUtil]
Return the POSIX integer permission
is_current [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
is_current [FilePath]
Check if the filename is the current directory.
is_parent [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
is_parent [FilePath]
Check if the filename is the parent directory.
is_relative [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
is_relative [FilePath]
Check if the filename is relative to a dir or not.
is_subdir [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
is_subdir [FilePath]
is_subdir fl1 fl2 Is fl2 a sub directory of fl1
is_updir [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
is_updir [FilePath]
is_updir fl1 fl2 Is fl1 a sub directory of fl2
is_valid [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
is_valid [FilePath]
Test if the filename is a valid one.

ls [FileUtil]
List the content of a directory.

make_absolute [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
make_absolute [FilePath]
Create an absolute filename from a filename relative and an absolute base filename.
make_filename [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
make_filename [FilePath]
Make a filename from a set of strings.
make_relative [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
make_relative [FilePath]
Create a filename which is relative to the base filename.
match_compile [FileUtilStr]
Compile FileUtil.Match expression using Str.regexp
mkdir [FileUtil]
Create the directory which name is provided.
mv [FileUtil]
Move files/directories to another destination.

parent_dir [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
parent_dir [FilePath]
Upper dir.
path_of_string [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
path_of_string [FilePath]
Extract filenames from a PATH-like string.
permission_of_int [FileUtil]
Translate POSIX integer permission.
pwd [FileUtil]
Return the current dir.

readlink [FileUtil]
Resolve to the real filename removing symlink.
reduce [FilePath]
Return the shortest filename which is equal to the filename given.
reparent [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
reparent [FilePath]
reparent fln_src fln_dst fln Return the same filename as fln but the root is no more fln_src but fln_dst.
replace_extension [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
replace_extension [FilePath]
Replace extension.
rm [FileUtil]
Remove the filename provided.

size_add [FileUtil]
Add two sizes.
size_compare [FileUtil]
Compare two sizes, using the classical compare function.
stat [FileUtil]
stat fln Return information about the file (like Unix.stat) Non POSIX command.
string_of_extension [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
Return string representation of an extension.
string_of_filename [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
Create a filename from a string.
string_of_path [FilePath.PATH_SPECIFICATION]
string_of_path [FilePath]
Create a PATH-like string.
string_of_size [FileUtil]
Convert a value to a string representation.

test [FileUtilStr]
test [FileUtil]
Test a file.
touch [FileUtil]
Modify the timestamp of the given filename.

umask [FileUtil]
Get or set the file mode creation mask.
umask_apply [FileUtil]
Apply umask to a given file permission.

which [FileUtil]
Try to find the executable in the PATH.