Bugs and feature requests

We really appreciate to get your feedback. Use bug reports or features requests, you need to sign-in forge.ocamlcore.org first.

Get the source code

The main page for development is the project on forge.ocamlcore.org. You can browse the source code of the project.

To get a copy of the source tree, you must use darcs:

$> darcs get http://darcs.ocamlcore.org/repos/ocaml-fileutils
$> darcs get scm.ocamlcore.org:/darcsroot/ocaml-fileutils/ocaml-fileutils ocaml-fileutils # if you have write access

Once you have the source code, you can pick a bug or a feature request to fix.

You can send back patches with a patch report

To update the source code with the latest available version:

$> darcs pull http://darcs.ocamlcore.org/repos/ocaml-fileutils
$> darcs pull scm.ocamlcore.org:/darcsroot/ocaml-fileutils/ocaml-fileutils # if you have write access

Further documentation about darcs on darcs.net